Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Life God Rewards

This small book packs a powerful punch.  First off, it was given to me for graduation nearly 10 years ago, and I just now picked it up to read it.  WOW!  That is along time.  I wonder what the message of this powerful little book would have done back then
Anyways, I can't undo it.  What is done is done.  This book speaks of a rewarding life.  God rewards us according to our deeds.  ALL of us. There are two types of people.  The ones who believe in Christ and follow Him, and those who reject Christ and follow their own desires.

This book states that life actually happens after death.  Our life is but a point on a contiuous line of eternity.  But our life on earth affects our life in eternity.  If we follow Christ, we will be rewarded according to our works.  If we reject Christ, we will reap retribution according to our works.  There will be levels of reward in heaven, and levels of retribution in Hell.

This book teaches you the importance of your works here on earth.  You can be a Christian and believe in Christ, but your works will tell a lot about your relationship with Him.  In whatever you do on earth, do it for God's glory and He will reward you for it.  Your motive must be pure or you won't receive the reward.  God tells us to store up treasures in heaven; treasures that withstand the heat of fire.  God says that everyone's works will go through the fire at the judgement day.  Works of gold, silver, and good gems will withstand the fire and not be burned.  Works of wood, hay, and stubble will burn up.

Some good things done with the wrong motive could actually be burned up on judgement day.  Good but not the best or most beneficial things could be works of the wood, hay, and stubble variety rather than the precious gems.  It is best to examine the 'why' we do things when we do them.  Store up your treasures in heaven, forever is a very long time.

Experiment Update

I have read at least 5 out of 110 books.  That doesn't sound like much but, I have started at least 3 to 5 more...  I have plans to continue reading, I will do my best to speed up the pace.   I may practice my speed reading techniques and see what happens.

Check out the Books to Read section, I have crossed of the books I have read so far.  There are a few that I have come close to finishing several times before, so I plan to check those titles out first. 

I also plan to check out a few of my healthy books this month.  I plan to read Made to Crave and do an online Bible/Book study with and reclaim my health for the glory of God.